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Work cleanly and honestly


It is with beautiful grapes that good wines are made... and it is with healthy and rich soils and environment that the vine finds its balance. So, yes, we strive to work with our environment.  This land has been healthy for a very long time, our predecessors worked in the same spirit. We wished to go a step further by starting from the beginning with biodynamic farming, in collaboration with other growers. 


We believe in the virtues of simplicity, observation and humility . We like direct and sincere wines that are easy to understand.


Our plots are covered with natural grass. The soil is worked in order to take advantage of the "weeds". Careful removal of buds allows each vine to balance its vegetative development and production. In order to avoid as much as possible trimming and pruning, which tires the plant, we work the vine support manually. The harvest is manual. 


Our climate allows us to carry out a natural and gentle vinification of very healthy grapes. If part of our wines are aged in 3 to 6 year old barrels, it is because they find a deeper expression of their aromas (morello cherry, dark chocolate for some, violet, eucalyptus, blackberry for others). Perfect hygiene allows us to offer wines with a total sulphur content generally below 30 mg/L, as for natural wines.

A bioclimatic winery

A timber-framed cellar, insulated with straw bales and a coating of earth and lime. it regulates hygrometry and temperature changes. The wine matures in the best conditions.


Wine is meant to be shared


Wine is all about conviviality... It's true when you taste it with friends, it's also true throughout the winemaking process: friends passing through, clients, guests of our Gîte Nature les Rois Fainéants, sometimes a few woofers from the other side of the world or those just in retraining, interns... We feel that the adventure is shared, that it does good to those who pass by... In the framework of our project, this was essential. 

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