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Domaine Viticole Ventoux

A preserved land

Domaine Childéric is located in the commune of Mormoiron, on the foothills of the Ventoux, at an altitude of 300m, soon to be at the heart of the future Ventoux Regional Park. A true jewel of nature, the estate is in a single block of 8 ha on a land of ochre, preserved by a belt of Mediterranean essences (pines, oaks, cypresses, olive trees). The soils are deep sandy-clayey, the plant does not suffer from water stress.


With biodynamy, we are at the school of living life and we share this research with other winemakers. We need to create a link between the soil, the plant and the animal world, restore the unity of ecosystems and stimulate exchanges between the different levels, from the microscopic life of the soil to planetary influences, not forgetting the intermediate levels of the plot, the vineyard and the territory.


We have chosen to settle on this preserved site in the Piedmont du Ventoux. The land had been worked there without pesticides since the 1960s by Jacques Carteaud, the lover in  the "Baiser de l'Hôtel de ville" by Doisneau. When he left town, he put all his heart with his wife Béatrice and his family to shape this place. We are happy to continue this story.


Our wines are AOP Ventoux, an appellation that is progressing in quality, as Le Monde notes in this article. 

Vin terroir sablonneux
Vigne Bio
Mont Ventoux

Making wines that are taut and full of freshness


We like fresh, taut, fruity wines that let the terroir and the typicity of each grape variety express itself. For the time being, we only produce red wines from Grenache and Syrah vines planted by our predecessors in 1985. The white grape varieties that we have planted reach maturity in 2021. Grenache Blanc, Clairette, Roussanne and Vermentino will be worked in this way. Generous, fine and fresh, the wines we offer are surprising: they reflect the richness of this unique alliance between the mountains and the Mediterranean climate.


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